AOL Password Reset
How to Reset or Recover Aol Password without Alternate Email and Phone


AOL Password Reset

Aol stands for America online, it was introduced by William von Meister in 1983. Aol is headquartered in New York City. It is a web service provider that also supports multi-player games and various software. It is a web portal where all the services run through the internet, one of the best Aol services besides dial-up is email and it has introduced the first fiction series that is “Quantum Link Serial”. Its services also contributed to the National Education Association, one of its exciting services for kids includes homework help bulletin boards. Aol then got merge with Time Warner in 2000 to expand its digital advertising business. Aol is a reputed organization that is known for providing multiple free wireless online services like telecommunication and email. Users are fond of using Aol email service because of its exciting features like endless storage capacity, sending and receiving mail and also you can save them as a draft and use them when needed. No doubt, Aol is an excellent quality driven company in all the aspects in addition to the interesting features but there comes a time when Aol email becomes challenging and this is the reason why we should change passwords timely. Though AOL’s prime importance is customer satisfaction, after all, it is a part of the technology that can act weird at times and can cause harm to our data. So it is important to reset Aol password, if you are not a regular user of Aol email service then do not worry below-mentioned points will help you sort Aol password reset.

Recover forgotten password of AOL account using a phone number

Steps to reset Aol password through Aol phone number for password reset-
♦ First, open Aol login page in your browser
♦ Screen will display the login form
♦ Enter correct Aol user-id
♦ Press on Next
♦ Now, tap on the “Forgot Password” option
♦ Type correct user name
♦ Press Next
♦ Type the registered number
♦ Press Next
♦ Aol will send you an authentication code by text or call with your consent
♦ Enter the correct authentication code
♦ Press Next and type new password
♦ Tap on Save

Change Your AOL Mail Password in iOS

Aol is a pioneer in providing internet services whether it is Android, iOS, Windows or anything, it is compatible with all of them. If you are a new user and don’t know Aol password recovery on iPhone then just follow the below steps to get your issue sorted.

Steps to reset Aol password on iPhone-
♦ Open Aol login page
♦ Type correct Aol email id
♦ Go to Settings
♦ Select Change Password
♦ Enter old password
♦ Now, enter the new password and re-enter it to confirm
♦ Continue>Save changes>OK
The above steps are of great use to an iOS user, Hope, your Aol mail password reset is successful after following the above steps.

How to recover AOL password without phone number

No wonder, and need not worry if you do not have a registered phone number with your Aol account. You can reset Aol password also without phone number by following the below-given steps.

Aol password reset steps without phone number-
♦ Open Aol login page
♦ Enter the correct mail id
♦ Tap on the “Forgot Password” option
♦ Security question page will appear
♦ Answer them correctly
♦ Now, tap on Change password option in the “Account Security”
♦ Enter the old password
♦ Type the new password
♦ Press SAVE
♦ Now, shut the page and open the account with the new password, to confirm

Congratulations! Your Aol password reset without phone number is successful. In case you find it unsuccessful, you are just required to contact the customer support team.

How to recover Aol password without any email

In case you haven’t registered an alternate email address while creating your Aol email account and face problem when stuck via Aol password reset, do not panic here we have provided another method to reset Aol password without the help of any email. Just like Aol password reset is possible without an alternate phone number, it is also doable without any email. Follow the below steps to know how to reset Aol mail password.

Steps to reset Aol password without any email-
♦ Go to Aol login page
♦ Type correct email id
♦ Select “Forgot Password” option
♦ It will redirect you to the security question page
♦ Answer them properly
♦ Click on Change password under Account security
♦ Submit the old password
♦ Type the new password
♦ Click on Save
♦ Now, login with the new password to check whether it has changed
♦ Try Aol phone number for a password reset

How to reset aol password

Change Your AOL Mail Password in a Web Browser

aol password reset in browsers

No worries, if you are looking to change Aol mail password in a web browser due to any reason, you are just required to pursue the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to follow for Aol mail password reset in a web browser-
♦ Open browser on your screen
♦ Visit Aol login page
♦ Enter appropriate username and password
♦ Tap on your NAME
♦ Enter Account security section
♦ Now, tap on How you sign in>Change password
♦ Type new password twice, for verification (tough and unique/easy to remember)
♦ Press “Continue”

How to recover forgot AOL password

Aol password reset could take place because of various reasons like if your account has been hacked, you find it difficult to remember your current password, you find that your account is accessed by someone else or if you forgot your password. In case you have forgotten your password then need not worry you can simply recover the password by performing the below method.

Steps to reset Aol password when you’ve forgotten-
♦ Visit Aol login page
♦ Enter correct user id and password
♦ Tap on “Sign in”
♦ Now, select Forgot password option
♦ Submit correct username
♦ Click on NEXT
♦ Submit the recovery email or phone number
♦ You will get an authentication code by pressing NEXT, through call or message
♦ Submit the authentication code, it will take you to password recovery page
♦ Type the new password
♦ Click SAVE

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered your forgotten Aol password with the help of the above-listed options.

Hope, with the help of the above-given methods now you know how to reset Aol password under different terms and situations. In case you face any difficulty even after following these methods you can simply call the technical support team of Aol where experts will guide you with your concerned issue and help you out with the best solution. The experts are learned technicians who are available 24/7 to assist you when you need them and help enhance your experience. Not just the password queries but you can ask them to help you regarding any issue you face related Aol services, as Aol is a promising company it will definitely provide you best assistance ever.

Aol mail password reset has become easy with the help of these services, password recovery is important as it is concerned with the data security because all email services carry important data and media of a user. That is why “Aol password reset” is the main concern for Aol amongst its all services because of Aol value customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reset AOL password on Android-
⦁ If you have AOL app then press on AOL icon
⦁ Open settings and select change password option
⦁ Type current password
⦁ Enter new password
⦁ Press SAVE

Reset AOL password with phone number-
⦁ Visit AOL login page
⦁ Access your account with correct user id and password
⦁ Select Forgot Password
⦁ Now type the recovery phone number to get verification code
⦁ Click on NEXT
⦁ Now, type the verification code in the text field
⦁ Create a new password, confirm it

Recover AOL password-
⦁ Login your AOL account
⦁ Open settings>Change Password
⦁ Type old password
⦁ Type new password, type it again to confirm
⦁ Continue
⦁ Press on OK

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