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How to Reset or Recover Hotmail Account Password


Reset or Recover Your Microsoft "Hotmail Account Password”

Hotmail is the big name when we talk of email services as it’s the first free email service supplier running from 1996, introduced by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. Just like other email services Hotmail too offers free online email access to its users. Hotmail only works when connected with the internet, it runs via Microsoft as it got merged with Microsoft by 1997 and supported by all the browsers. Though it is free you need to create a valid account with a unique id and password. It has covered a wide range of markets and has many users throughout the world. Hotmail offers some of the very interesting features like sending and receiving emails and saving them as a draft so that you can use them later when needed, you can also share data in the form of pdf, Docx. files. Hotmail is used by people for their personal and business use. These features that too for free attracted huge users but now no one can create a new account on it. Despite this, you can solve issues related to Hotmail with the help of its customer support team. The users who are using their Hotmail account and face any problem regarding Hotmail like “How to reset Hotmail password” still asks for the solution. Don’t worry your problem can be easily solved by following the below given easy points. The regular user generally forgot their account’s password as they keep their account logged in for a long time and get panic when they do not remember the password because they have shared the important data through their accounts which could be in danger if they do not recover or reset their Hotmail password. Data security is the prime factor for both users and service suppliers and Hotmail is a well-known service supplier whose prime importance is customer satisfaction and that’s why Hotmail provides email support service to its users so that their issues could be resolved quickly and they get a better experience using their services, this is a marketing strategy of multiplying users that almost all service suppliers follow for growing amongst their competitors in the market.

Steps to Reset Hotmail password-

Reset Hotmail Password

♦ Open Hotmail
♦ Press “Get Started”
♦ Type the correct Hotmail user id
♦ Now, select the “Add Account” option
♦ Password submitting page will appear
♦ Select “Forgot Password” option
♦ Press NEXT
♦ Type the correct captcha
♦ Press NEXT
♦ Select “Account Recovery” i.e. text or email
♦ If you have no registered email address or phone number then choose “I do not have any of these”
♦ Press NEXT
♦ Now, type the registered email id or phone number so that Hotmail can send you an authentication code on that
♦ Select “Send Code” option
♦ Copy that code and paste it on the text field
♦ Press NEXT
♦ Type the new and strong password (easy to remember)

Hope the above mentioned easy steps answered your question that “how to reset my Hotmail password”. If you are not able to resolve the issue and wonder how to reset your Hotmail password then you are required to contact the Hotmail customer support team. Hotmail password reset is a question to those who haven’t registered any recovery mail address or phone number so it creates a problem for them to recover or reset Hotmail password. Do not get panic your data is secured and you can still manage to reset your Hotmail password without any registered recovery number or mail. Now if you wonder how to reset Hotmail password on your phone then follow the below-listed points.

Steps for How to Change/Reset Hotmail Password on Your Phone-

♦ Open the browser
♦ Go to Hotmail log in page
♦ Enter correct id and password
♦ Go to settings>change password
♦ Type new and strong password twice, for confirmation
♦ Press NEXT and continue

Congratulations! Your Hotmail password reset on phone is successful by performing these simple steps. If you want to secure your account and keep your data safe then enable password changing option in settings for every 72 days so that you cannot forget your password and no one else can access your account besides you. if you wonder why people look how to reset Hotmail password then here is your answer, changing password is something more important than running account regularly because if you do not remember your password and your account is logged in any browser then someone else can access your account which could be dangerous to you because in that case your data can go viral or the one who is using your account can use your profile or data as a source of web abuse that’s why users are asked to keep on changing their password in order to maintain their account, keep it strong and keep their data secured. If you are a regular Hotmail user and wondering how to reset my Hotmail password because you have lost the access to your account and also you cannot create a new account on Hotmail, then no worries it is not a big deal you can easily get back to your Hotmail account by knowing how to reset your Hotmail password with the help of the above-listed methods or you can also opt “Security Question” method to recover you Hotmail password if you do not have registered any recovery option like email address or phone number.

Some simple points to reset Hotmail password without phone number or email-

♦ Reply properly to the questions while verification
♦ Or login with the device you have last logged in with
♦ Select “Reset password”
♦ Click on “I think another person using my account”
♦ Type captcha correctly
♦ Select “I do not have any recovery” option
♦ Press Continue
♦ You will be directed to the Account recovery page
♦ Submit Account details and press “Enter”
♦ Now wait for 24 hours to finish the process

If you wonder how to keep your password secure then create your new password different and strong so that no one can get the idea. Try making your password using alphabets, symbols, numbers, upper case, and lower case so that the password becomes strong and unable to phrase by anyone. Remember do not write your password anywhere and also do not tell it, anyone. Use different passwords for different accounts so if in case your password goes viral then your other accounts remain safe. Doing this can help you secure your account without wondering how to reset your Hotmail password reset.

Hopefully, the above-cited methods are of great use to you and you easily helped yourself resolving the issue related Hotmail password reset and now smoothly running your account and sharing data securely but if not, then don’t worry you can call Hotmail customer support team to assist you with the best guidance. Hotmail provides email support service in order to enhance the experience of their users and are available 24/7 to help them with their issues, users can get in touch with the team via text, email or call explaining their problem and can experience the best and easy solution because the team members are learned technicians who understand the issue quickly and put their best to help users get an outstanding and satisfactory outcome of their issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reset Hotmail password-
⦁ Open browser
⦁ Browse
⦁ Click on “forgot password”>NEXT
⦁ Type Hotmail id
⦁ Type authentication code
⦁ Tap NEXT
⦁ Choose account recovery option (text or email)
⦁ Select Send Code option
⦁ Enter the verification code in the text box
⦁ Type new password, repeat to confirm

Recover Hotmail password-
⦁ Start your Android device
⦁ Press on Hotmail app
⦁ The login page will appear
⦁ Type email id and select “Forgot Password”
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Enter captcha and tap on NEXT
⦁ Select the preferred recovery option (email, text)
⦁ You will get verification code accordingly
⦁ Now submit that code and press NEXT to continue
⦁ Password reset window will open
⦁ Type the new password and re-type it for authentication

Change Hotmail password-
⦁ Open AOL login page
⦁ Enter email id
⦁ Tap on “Forgot my password” option
⦁ Now choose I’ve forgotten my password
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Type captcha ⦁ Select password recovery option (email, text)
⦁ You will get verification code accordingly
⦁ Enter code in the text field
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Type the new password twice to confirm

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