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Reset Outlook Password

reset Outlook password

Outlook is a web portal run by Microsoft especially for controlling data, as a branch of Microsoft Office Suite. Outlook mainly deals with email service else, it manages calendar, notes, contacts and many more at a time. Also, it handles internet surfing and works well with Microsoft mobile applications. Outlook is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Outlook is a free online email service provider that also supports importing messages of other similar online email services like Gmail, Hotmail, and Rackspace email. Outlook works only when connected to the internet and allows you to download mails so that you can have access to them when offline. Mentioned are the qualities of Outlook that help stand it out of the crowd in a web market. As it is a part of technology and fully works under the presence of the internet, so there are possibilities of facing technical errors while it’s usage like “How to reset Outlook email password” or “How to reset Outlook password”.

Outlook is a part of Microsoft and entertains a huge number of users with its great email service that allows you to store and transfer data, whether you run it for personal use or business purposes. For any sort of use, it needs data security by both sides, company, and users. Outlook keeps it safe implying tight security for your satisfaction and user needs to change their password timely on their end. Need not to worry if you are unable to fix Outlook net email password or you find it tough to recover, here are some simple procedures for Outlook password reset you can go with.

How to Reset Outlook password For Windows or Mac-

If you are wondering how to reset Outlook email password then first choose the node you are using Outlook email at because Outlook password reset steps are somewhat different for windows and MAC:

Reset Outlook Password For Windows

♦ Go to Outlook page>File>Account settings
♦ Now, select the definite email address
♦ Press on “Change”
♦ The Change account page will appear
♦ Type a new and strong password
♦ Select the “Next” button to complete the process and continue

Listed above are some easy tips to follow if you are a Windows user and means to change Outlook net email password. Hope, the above tips worked for you and now you are using your account securely. In case you are a MAC user and unable to change your password with the above-given method, don’t panic your account is safe. You are required to perform the below-given method to recover Outlook net email password.

Reset Outlook Password For Mac

♦ Visit Outlook page>Tools>Accounts
♦ Now, select the definite email address
♦ Enter a new and strong password
♦ Press on “Close Button”

Congrats your account is now secured on MAC as well. Hope, the stated methods are of great use to you and with the help of these steps, you now know how to reset Outlook password on both Windows and MAC.

Above performed methods are the concern for security but what to do if you forgot your password, you then cannot Outlook password reset to continue accessing your Outlook account. In that case, you need to recover Outlook net email password. As you’ve forgotten the password and cannot reset it so you are unable to check, What is going on with your account? Is your data secure? Is there someone else trying to access your account? and many more causes that may trigger to harm your privacy. Don’t lose hope you can still access your Outlook email account by recovering your password with the help of a password recovery procedure. Outlook password reset method is a great thing that happened to Outlook users as it is the trusted service provider company that one does not want to lose over silly things and is happy to know how to reset Outlook password so they can continue using it. Outlook is a promising company and always leads its users when they face difficulty using Outlook services. So there comes another method to fix password recovery issues for the ones who have forgotten their password and cannot continue with Outlook password reset option. Here are some outstanding password recovery points which can get back your Outlook email account to life.

Steps to follow for Outlook password reset/recover-

♦ Open Outlook password recovery page
♦ Type correct email id
♦ Type captcha carefully
♦ Press on “Next” button
♦ Now, type the new and strong password twice, for verification
♦ Go as per screen instructions to continue


♦ First, tap on “Start” button continue by pressing on “Control Panel” and selecting the “Mail” option
♦ On the appeared page select “Account settings” following “Data Files”
♦ On the Account settings page and insert “Data File” section
♦ Now, select the Data File that needs password recovery
♦ Go to “Outlook Password Genius” section and press on “Open” on the top left corner to configure Data File
♦ Open recovery option list by entering “Type of recovery” section
♦ Now, select the suitable recovery alternative
♦ You are now required to press on the “Start” button to continue with the recovery procedure
♦ You will be notified with the password recovery POP up so that to replace the old Data File password with the new one.

Congratulations! You have successfully recovered the Outlook email password without even remembering the old password, you have now access to your Outlook email account that allows you to configure account settings where you can continue with Outlook password reset option to make your account secure when needed.

Hope, you find cited methods helpful to fix all your issues related to Outlook password reset like “how to reset Outlook email password”, “how to reset outlook password” and so on. You can now continue with your Outlook email account but if in case you are facing any sort of problem regarding Outlook net email password then you need to call Outlook customer support team to assist you with the best guidance over an occurring issue. Outlook customer support team is handled by profound techies and is available 24/7 so that to guide you with the best solution, you just have to call or mail them regarding your problem and professionals will help you resolve the issue quickly with their experience in the technical field.

Frequently Asked Questions

Reset Outlook password-
⦁ Browse Outlook reset password page
⦁ Choose the proper option that defines your reason for resetting the password
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Type the email id you have registered for later verification
⦁ Submit the verification code
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Type the new password twice, to confirm

Recover Outlook password-
⦁ Go to Outlook login page
⦁ Enter correct user-id
⦁ Tap on Forgot Password option
⦁ Select password recovery option (phone number)
⦁ Enter the alternate phone number
⦁ Yahoo will send an authentication code on that number
⦁ Submit the code
⦁ Press NEXT
⦁ Password recovery page will appear
⦁ Type the new password to continue

Outlook password recovery-
⦁ Open browser
⦁ Log in to your Outlook account
⦁ Enter correct user-id
⦁ Select Forgot Password
⦁ Now if you do not have any access to recovery information then
⦁ Select “I do not have access to these”
⦁ Choose the security question recovery option
⦁ Answer them appropriately to get back to your account with the new password
⦁ Now type a new password (strong and easy to remember)


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