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Reset yahoo Password

Yahoo is a well-known American web service provider, introduced in 1994 by electrical engineers of Stanford University and its domain namely “” was launched in 1995 just after a year of Yahoo directory launch. Yahoo is known for its excellent services it provides like a search engine, web portal, navigation, email service and many of its social media sites. It was founded that Yahoo is the most frequently visited website that means it is serving a large number of users. When such large area is covered by one web site then it is but obvious that users might face some difficulty because of various reasons like “on page traffic”, “technical glitches” or a user might have forgotten the password of an account. Though its services are outstanding at a point of time when these services are in regular use create problems like “Change Yahoo password” or “How to recover Yahoo password”. If you are amongst one of those then here is a simple answer to this question “How to recover yahoo password.” Below mentioned are some points to remember and performed when you don’t know how to reset Yahoo password, this method helps you clear your doubt on data security and keeps on changing the password to keep your account strong.

Steps for how to reset Yahoo password-

♦ First, open browser
♦ Visit Yahoo login page
♦ Enter correct user id and password
♦ Go to Profile>Account security
♦ Now, go to change password option
♦ Do as displayed,
♦ Type old password and then type the new password
♦ Press “Save” and continue

Yahoo is a web service provider, which is entertaining its users by providing various services for years. There are chances of forgetting the password, especially with the regular users as they use it so frequently that they don’t even log out their accounts many times. This practice generally leads to a password recovery action. If you don’t know and looking for how to recover Yahoo password then don’t worry and have a look at the given procedure if you find it useful.

Listed below are the steps to recover Yahoo password-

Remember these steps are applicable even when your account is hacked.
♦ Open Browser and visit Yahoo login page
♦ Select the “Forgot password” option
♦ Now, follow screen instructions and type correct user-id
♦ Screen will display 3 options for recovering password
♦ First, with the help of a registered email address.
♦ Second, with the help of registered phone number
♦ Third, the security question will be asked
♦ Following any one of them, you can easily recover your account's password

How to reset yahoo password

Email account is so sensitive and needs to be protected and secured timely, there comes a time when a user is asked to change Yahoo password. It is important to change your email account password from time to time to keep your account secure and strong so that no one else can access your account. If you do not change your account password in a long time then it becomes weak and can be accessed by someone else who can misuse your data and can make your account a source of web abuse. Not changing the password can put you in trouble so follow these troubleshooting steps to protect yourself and your account as well.

Steps regarding how to change Yahoo password/recover password-

♦ Open Yahoo account recovery page “”
♦ Submit correct details and continue
♦ Tap on “Yes”>send me an Account key tab
♦ You will get an authentication code on the registered email address or phone number
♦ Type the authentication code and tap on “Verify”
♦ Next page will appear
♦ Type a new password twice, for confirmation
♦ Press on “Continue”

If you are a regular user of Yahoo email service then you must be aware that there are slightly different methods to change yahoo password in computer/desktop, mobile. No worries if you are a new user or not aware of such information and dealing with the password issue. Below given are the procedures for changing the Yahoo password on different devices.

Steps for how to change Yahoo password in desktop/computer-

♦ Open your computer/desktop screen
♦ Run on your browser
♦ Tap on the gear icon and select “Account info” option
♦ Now, select Account security option
♦ Type the correct password and it will redirect you to the Account security page
♦ Type a new password twice when you get on the Change password link
♦ Press on “Continue”
The above steps are useful to recover/change yahoo password on desktop/computer

Steps for how to change Yahoo password in mobile-

♦ Open browser and switch to Yahoo login page
♦ Select Options from the menu bar
♦ It will redirect you to the Account security page
♦ Now, tap on Change password option
♦ Type the new password twice to confirm
♦ Now, check signing in with your new password to continue
The above-mentioned steps are useful for a mobile user and will help you change yahoo password on mobile.

Yahoo is a well-known and reputed web service provider that offers quality and takes care of its users by updating features of its services from time to time. Also, Yahoo shows concern about user’s privacy and so it keeps a check on data security and password related stuff regularly, this makes Yahoo stand out of crowd and strengthens its bond with users. Yahoo works on services, features, and support as well. Above mentioned are the procedures regarding yahoo password reset/recover/change and yahoo password change in mobile, computer/desktop.

Hope, you find these methods useful and able to perform well with the help of them. But in case you are unable to resolve any of the mentioned or other issue related Yahoo password, you just need to contact Yahoo support team in order to get your issue fixed. Our team of experts is handled by profound techies in order to help users on time and that is why they are available 24/7 to assist you with the best solution regarding your problem so that to enhance your experience. You can just call on customer support number otherwise you can also drop a mail regarding your issue and our experts will guide you instantly with their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Recover Yahoo password-
⦁ Open browser
⦁ Visit Yahoo login page
⦁ Enter your Yahoo user-id
⦁ Select Forgot password
⦁ Choose the password recovery option from (email, phone number and security questions)
⦁ If in case your email and phone number are not accessible then choose the “Security Question” option, to recover your Yahoo password
⦁ Answer all the questions correctly
⦁ You will get a temporary password
⦁ Open your account with that password and go to the settings
⦁ Change password
⦁ The new password must be strong and easy to remember

Reset Yahoo password-
⦁ Browse for Yahoo login page
⦁ Try accessing your account with current user id and password
⦁ If unable to login then follow the below steps
⦁ Tap on Forgot Password
⦁ Now, submit the recovery email address
⦁ Press Done
⦁ You will get an authentication code on the registered email id
⦁ Submit that code in the text field of Yahoo recovery page
⦁ You will get the password recovery link
⦁ Type the new password twice, to confirm

Recover Yahoo password-
⦁ Go to Yahoo login page
⦁ Enter your user-id
⦁ Tap on Forgot Password
⦁ Now submit the recovery phone number
⦁ Press Done
⦁ Yahoo will send a verification code on the recovery phone number
⦁ Change the password through that code
⦁ Type the new password and confirm to continue

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